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NABEEL         1/30/2010 5:16:56 PM
QMP_Comments Thanks for publishing this software, JAZAKALLAH Khair Submitted By: NABEEL

arsalan         12/26/2009 10:36:45 AM
QMP_Comments may allah give u success in here n after Submitted By: arsalan

khushe         12/25/2009 6:24:42 AM
QMP_Comments Mashaallah! MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU ALL!AMEEN Submitted By: khushe

khushe khan         12/25/2009 6:21:24 AM
QMP_Suggesttions v.nice site. keep it up n god bless you! Submitted By: khushe khan

Shah Faisal Saleem         12/10/2009 12:59:11 AM
QMP_Questions Dear Sir Dr. Israr Ahmed. Asalam o Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.. May Allah give u more strenght and long life to preach the Islam. Sir, i had a dream. i need its interpretation. could u please help me. waiting for your kind reply. wasalam. Shah Faisal Saleem. Submitted By: Shah Faisal Saleem

Pir Mohd Safi         11/2/2009 1:54:23 AM
Website_Feedback Dear scholar, I hope you will be fine & healthy. I wanna tell something about this site. you have made this side for every person which are muslim or non muslim it's realy good. but it's color is very light. it is my suggestion. you should change it in other color. i mean a little bit dark. Best regard, Pir Mohd Safi Submitted By: Pir Mohd Safi

Abbas rehmath Alo         10/31/2009 12:45:31 AM
QMP_Suggesttions I am having ipod.I request that all Quranic related Tafseers,Bayans and others lectures are available online in MP3 format.Inshallah the excellent efforts of Dr.Sahib would reach to the masses Submitted By: Abbas rehmath Alo

Aamir         10/7/2009 5:12:09 AM
Website_Feedback Alhamdulillah its working Submitted By: Aamir

Mian Ahsin Zaki Qureshi         9/17/2009 7:28:12 PM
QMP_Comments Allah Dr.Israr Sahib Ko lumbi zindgi de aur un ko sehat aur tandrusti ata farmaye ,Aameen , summa Aameen . Dr.Sahib aaj ke dore ke Hazrat Sheikh Sadi hein , Allah un ke kam aur mission mein aur bi barkat ata farmaye , Aameen , Summa Aameen Submitted By: Mian Ahsin Zaki Qureshi

Syed Taha Ghayas         9/15/2009 3:39:06 PM
QMP_Suggesttions MashaAllah this program is a great effort and worth millions. But there is a problem; when you search for a word and see the list of all the verses, if you want to then go back to the verses on which you were before searching, there is no option. You have to once again select the surah or the para and then manually go to those verses. Kindly add this feature in the future versions. Jazakallah! Submitted By: Syed Taha Ghayas

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